Captains log: Friends family jams and reality

Been ages. Updates!
I am in Melbourne staying with some homies and basically eating like its my job. The night I arrived it was the eclipse and a Mars retrograde was lifted so I managed to eat, dance and DJ for over 9 hours of spontaneous raging. Fresh from the train station I went with my besty, the cerebrally wild as hell Crystal Diamond to this, which was unspeakably bomb in a park stacked with cute Columbians and Vietnamese coffee.

Hopefully tomorrow I can go see my friend Mitch and her new record, comic and coffee shop Wolly Bully while I’m in town. This week I am leaving for Dublin to spend Xmas with my big sis – yssss. Goin to take a tripette or two all around, including heading to Lisbon to rap/rest with the Portuguese girls from badass duo AMOR.

I’m happy to be having such a cool breather because to be real with youz I been grinding and getting ground down these last few months. It’s been busy and lots of music has been happening. Hoah! Something I realised I hadn’t written about was Badd Energy!

Badd Energy is me and my superawesome buddies Samuel, Trixie and Jerry. Despite our name this project has bought so many good punk vibes into my life and our upcoming record is gonna be out on Flying Nun in Feb 2012, I can’t believe it. We’ve played heeeeeaps this spring and I’m really proud of us. Here’s a pic my fav NZ photographer Milana Radojcic took of us. We usually look more irie than hypnotic.

The comic strip Hook Ups I do for Volume Magazine has been illustrated by Hegel Ganias for the last month who has been killing it! Soon you’ll be able to hear the imaginary duo in an interview and sample some of their music but like the 8 Ball says, better not tell you now.

Which leads me to some turbo news: I got accepted into a Masters writing programme at Victoria University for next year. I’ll be studying at The Institute of Modern Letters which between you and me is a nerdy dream come true and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m so excited. Here is the view from the writers workroom. (Yes, this pretty pic is the extent of my academic preparation and yes my brain is probably gonna get a hiding I know)

Being in Wellington means I can be closer to my Masterton soul brothers Riki and Paul who are the genius duo behind a label project called RUBBISH DAY. Check their shit out, it could save your steez’s life. This jacket already has a fan in the Suicidal Tendencies/Flying Lotus comrade Thundercat, for obvious reasons.

On the whanau front this is my younger sister Kyla who gave an amazing Pecha Kucha talk at (my favorite gallery of all time) Fresh Gallery Otara at the South Auckland Arts Festival, speaking about her work as an educator! Such an inspiration.

Pecha Kucha Night Auckland #28 // Kyla Hansell from PKN_Auckland on Vimeo.

What else….if you didn’t get Pacific Rims, I have my first solo project in four years lined up for 2012. It’s all over my pages but this is the video for ‘Architecture’ directed by Liam Bachler which gives you an idea of the super-intense directions me and producer Tim ‘Jizmatron’ Checkley might be headed in (but who knows, we don’t lol). This track and vid are obviously pretty new to me…. British accents and lean models might give that away lol. It’s been an outavit thing to be a part of, major kudos to the team.

Ok guys thats us.
I came back from Korea exactly a year today and this is just SOME of the cool stuff and music that went down lol. Shout out to my friend Kelly for hooking me up with cheap flights this summer and being awesome! Hi to my Balmoral fam including the staff at Barilla Dumplings, Lisa for being an amazing creative and hui tag-teamer this year and my manager Carthew for all his mind-blowing hard work.

I’m talking like this cos Xmas thus my inevitable flake-out is approaching and 2011 is looking like it’ll go down as one of the cool ones. I’ll leave you with my FAV JAM right now – one love.

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